How can we increase motivation and engagement of our employees?


No one will ever work for someone else for free. If they are your employees it means they are working to attain their own Goals. It may be Good Salary, Perfect Job or anything else. To motivate your employees to work harder for you, You must Do everything which complete their needs. Conduct a Research work or Survey Asking what they want from this Job? Some will focus on money.. Some will indicate towards Infrastructure.. Some will Relate to Behaviour of Everyone. Anything can be Reason. Being an Employer you must Observe these key points and try to Correct these points. Once they will feel happy and will get something which they can never achieve anywhere else, They’ll work happily for you.

Don’t make them feel they are slave and just are working for the sake being employed.

Make them comfortable. Create an atmosphere of belongingness. Make them feel that they are Core Assets. You will see change for Sure 🙂

After all, everyone needs happiness and Mental Satisfaction.


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